Efectos del proceso de Bolonia en la reducción del abandono de estudios universitariosdatos para la reflexión y propuestas de mejora

  1. Dolores Lidia Cabrera Pérez
Revista Fuentes

ISSN: 1575-7072

Année de publication: 2015

Volumen: 16

Pages: 39-62

Type: Article

DOI: 10.12795/REVISTAFUENTES.2015.I16.02 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openAccès ouvert editor


One of the great challenges of the current university system is to reduce the percentage of dropout students. In recent years universities have implemented actions to increase performance and retention haven�t had the desired impact. We display in this paper results of an experiment of applying active methodologies and ongoing monitoring of student task, related to European convergence, and its impact on improving student performance and reducting dropout, as well as opinions of students and professor about the effects of reform on improving teaching. The results show that with this type of methodology achieve that students are more motivated, committed to the institution and dropout less. This way of teaching could not apply because grades do not have the conditions required. Suggestions for improvement for both traditional and non-traditional students are reported.