El patrimonio como espacio público: recursos y estrategias para su uso sustentableEl caso del área histórica de Cumbaya de la ciudad de Quito

  1. Henry Vinicio Velásquez Zambrano
Supervised by:
  1. Eduardo Aznar Vallejo Director
  2. Juan Carlos Arañó Gisbert Director

Defence university: Universidad de Sevilla

Year of defence: 2017

Type: Thesis


The Cumbayá parish, belonging to the Metropolitan District of Quito, has a rich cultural heritage: historical buildings, archaeological sites and remarkable festivities and traditions. As well, it features an interesting natural heritage, within it have arisen cultural landscapes such as the itinerary of Chaquiñán or Camino del Inca. In the last years, this parish has experienced a strong urban expansion with the construction of residential houses and new facilities such as shopping centres, which threatens to change its physiognomy radically and relegate its cultural identity to oblivion. The present project contains the guidelines to carry out a recovery plan for this heritage. The plan is divided into different areas (architectural and artistic heritage, archaeological heritage, natural heritage and immaterial heritage) and proposes a series of measures for each one of them, taking into account the institutional frame necessary for its legal and economic viability