Estudio, análisis y representación plástico-escultórica de la enfermedad de Alzheimer

  1. Santiago Navarro-Pantojo
Supervised by:
  1. Carlos Spínola-Romero Director
  2. Antonio Chover González Director

Defence university: Universidad de Sevilla

Year of defence: 2002

  1. Gonzalo Martínez Andrades Chair
  2. Julian Abril Ordiñaga Secretary
  3. Jose Maria Esteban Carretero Committee member
  4. María Isabel Sánchez Bonilla Committee member
  5. Juan Manuel Miñarro López Committee member

Type: Thesis


The contents of this article are the basis of a PhD on The plastic-sculpture representation of Alzheimer’s Disease. Headed by Doctors Rafael Spínola Romero of Seville University and Antonio José Chover of Cadiz University, this interdisciplinary research work claims to bring together the artistic and medical-scientific spheres studying this disease. The work of compiling all the data and continued monitoring of Alzheimer’s was carried out over a period of ten years of research (1987/1997), from clinical diagnosis of the illness to its final effects. This thesis, taken from a plastic-experimental point of view, proposed a methodology based on ongoing monitoring and detailing of the changes affecting a particular Alzheimer’s sufferer, throughout the illness up to the time of death, in March 1997. The experimental side of the work is based on sculptured plastic, using a wide variety of resources: plastics, visual techniques, and graphic and sculpture procedures to synthesize, study, describe and analyse the physical degenerations this illness causes in the person, and its influence on social, family and cultural contexts.