Metal complexes of polytopic hydrazone ligandssynthesis, characterization and properties

  1. Sabina Rodríguez Hermida
Dirigée par:
  1. Ana Belén Lago Blanco Directrice
  2. Ezequiel M. Vázquez López Directeur/trice

Université de défendre: Universidade de Vigo

Année de défendre: 2013

  1. Roberto Cortés Montero President
  2. Rosa Carballo Rial Secrétaire
  3. Nora Kulak Rapporteur

Type: Thèses


Six organic ligands based on bis-aroylhydrazone skeleton have been designed and synthesized. Their coordinative behaviour towards different metallic centres such as Cu(I), Cu(II), Co(II), Ni(II) and Zn(II) has been investigated. Special effort is done to obtain single-crystals in order to determine the crystal structure of the compounds and their supramolecular association and arrangement at the solid state. The properties of the compounds obtained depending on their intrinsic characteristics have been also investigated, such as, for example, luminescence and dynamism.