Empleo, trabajo y protección social de las mujeres extranjeras en Españaun enfoque de género de la política migratoria

  1. Vela Díaz, Raquel
Dirigée par:
  1. Olimpia Molina Hermosilla Directeur/trice

Université de défendre: Universidad de Jaén

Fecha de defensa: 12 avril 2013

  1. José Luis Monereo Pérez President
  2. Margarita Isabel Ramos Quintana Secrétaire
  3. Cristóbal Molina Navarrete Rapporteur

Type: Thèses

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Migration phenomenon has arisen so great that it has become one of the most impacting issues on Spanish society, being female migration one of the main elements. Given the undeniable presence of these women immigrants in our country, we analyze whether immigration policy hastaken into account a gender perspective and whether the employment policy has thought about the insertion of these women into the labor world, given that the access to the formal labor market is the main way of social integration in the host society. Given the notable inclusion of immigrants women in the domestic employment, it is also necessary to analyze the specific impacts that may result from the new regulatory regime for housemaids people, both in regulating labor aspect as Social Security.