El turismo en la historia económica de Canarias

  1. Antonio Manuel Macías Hernández
  2. Concepción M. A. Pérez Hernández
La evolución de la industria turística en España e Italia
  1. Carlos Barciela López (coord.)
  2. Carles Pau Manera Erbina (coord.)
  3. Ramón Molina de Dios (coord.)
  4. Antonio Di Vittorio (coord.)

Publisher: Palma de Mallorca : Publicaciones de l'Institut Balear d'Economia, 2011

ISBN: 978-84-614-8511-6

Year of publication: 2011

Pages: 179-232

Congress: La evolución de la indústria turística en España e Italia (6. 2009. Palma de Mallorca)

Type: Conference paper

Export: RIS


The economy of the Canary Islands has experienced strong growth during the last fifty years. The driving force behind this growth has been tourism. Tourism sector development has increased the value of hitherto unproductive land and has raised the standard of living of the population. Nevertheless, this paper considers an alternative perspective about the origins of tourism and its economic significance. It argues that the expansion of tourism has been no more than a repetitive amplification of the past history of the Islands' economy.