Ciber-reportaje y tendencias del nuevo periodismo digital. Ejemplos prácticos

  1. Rodrigo Fidel Rodríguez Borges
  2. David Fuentefría Rodríguez
Imaginar y Comprender la Innovación en la Universidad: VII Jornadas de Innovación Educativa de la Universidad de la Laguna
  1. Ana Vega Navarro (coord.)
  2. David Stendardi (coord.)

Publisher: Servicio de Publicaciones

ISBN: 987-84-15939-57-3

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 251-256

Congress: Universidad de La Laguna. Jornadas de Innovación Educativa de la ULL (7. 2016. La Laguna)

Type: Conference paper


The studies of Journalism in general, and his cyberjournalistic segment especially, confront a process of renovation based on the diversification of the communicative professional activity, supported by the skills and creative contributions of « native digital «. If, even it does little, the Degree was orientating to the student body towards the attainment of an employment in a way, today, after eight years of crisis, the premise happens for helping to create new means. In this respect, the Subjects of Analysis of the Messages in Audio-visual Journalism, and of Cyberjournalism of the Degree, have attacked together this Project with the aim to give a voice and a channel to these new vocations, by means of the Digital Magazine The Ramp. For it, he took charge to the pupils of Third party, as exercise of class, and along the whole Four-month period, the free production of own articles, extracting a posteriori the best 20 to be published in the above mentioned platform. « To learn doing it» was the fundamental maxim of this initiative, in which the pupils abounded in the collection, analysis and management of the information of current importance in his new «natural way», as well as in the combination of formats and expressive and creative resources, integrating them inside the new digital journalism.