Terrorismo financiero. El discurso de los mercados en los medios de comunicación

  1. Samuel Toledano Buendía
La ética de la comunicación a comienzos del siglo XXI: (libro de actas del I Congreso Internacional de Ética de la Comunicación), Facultad de Comunicación 29, 30 y 31 de marzo de 2011
  1. Juan-Carlos Suárez-Villegas (coord.)

Publisher: Sevilla : Ed. Edufora. Editorial Mad S.L., 2011

ISBN: 9788467658330

Year of publication: 2011

Pages: 780-801

Type: Book chapter

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The so-called markets, as the current news main character, have taken advantage of democratic institucions� damage in order to set up the public policies for the whole citizenship. Banks, investors and rating agencies are disguised under a concept which enable them to provide to the public opinion a discourse full of rumours and speculations. As long as they are presented as forecasts, these actors manage to implement the neoliberal model. Information, instead of providing a accuracy knowledge of the financial system, becomes markets suitable tool, in order to spread fear and alarm within society and to subvert democratic order. This strategy turn markets into the legitimate owners of a new meaning of terrorism.