Aspectos internos y externos de la racionalidad¿cuáles son los umbrales de la racinalidad exigible y cómo situarlos?

  1. María Isabel Darías Martín
  2. David Pérez Chico
  3. Manuel Liz
  4. Germán López Florido
  5. Nuria Fernández Cabrera
  6. Lorenzo Pérez Torres

ISSN: 0212-6192

Año de publicación: 1997

Número: 29-30

Páginas: 153-178

Tipo: Artículo

Exportar: RIS


In this paper, we defend the need to take into account the context in the analysis of rationality. First of all, we will review Cherniak's proposal about a minimal rationality in contrast with the ideal, maximal rationality actually required in many fields (classical decision theory, economics, epistemology, and so on). Secondly, we will argue in favour of the intervention of the context in order to determine the thresholds of rationality which are exigible to the subjects. We will conclude that when asking how much rationality is exigible, we should not just ask "For which subject?" but also, and crucially, "In which context?".