Diseño de un cuestionario para la medición de creencias sobre las diferencias raciales

  1. Armando Rodríguez Pérez
  2. Ramón Rodríguez Torres
International Journal of Social Psychology, Revista de Psicología Social

ISSN: 0213-4748

Année de publication: 1999

Volumen: 14

Número: 1

Pages: 41-54

Type: Article

DOI: 10.1174/021347499760260064 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR


The aim of this study is to elaborate a questionnaire to measure personal beliefs about racial differences. For this, we started from the implicit theories paradigm. In the first steps of this research, a revision was made of some documented material about racial differences, and some previous studies permitted us to develop the final version of the implicit theories questionnaire with a sample of 348 participants. A principal component factor analysis shows five groups of beliefs: Biological Superiority Theory, Sociological Superiority Theory, Sociological Differences Theory, Biological Differences Theory and Economic Theory. These various theories account for the racial differences referring to the superiority of a race for social or biological reasons, or admitting the equality among races, although without ruling out social, biological or, even, economic differences. Finally, the comparison between these theories and the blatant and subtle prejudice scales (Pettigrew and Meertens, 1995) shows that implicit theories on racial differences underlie both forms of racism