Características sociodemográficas y conductuales de los agresores a su parejaun análisis a través del informe de las víctimas

  1. Matud Aznar, María Pilar
  2. Carballeira Abella, Mónica
  3. Marrero Quevedo, Rosario Josefa
  4. Aguilera Ávila, Laura
  5. Moraza Pulla, Olga
  6. Pérez Trujillo, Nieves
Psicopatología Clínica Legal y Forense

ISSN: 1576-9941

Year of publication: 2002

Volume: 2

Issue: 2

Pages: 5-22

Type: Article

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In this study, some demographic and behavioral characteristics of 233 male batterers were analyzed. Of these men, 60% were found to abuse alcohol on a regular basis, and 33% of the batterers were reported to use drugs. The most common forms of abuse were physical and psychological. In most cases (67%), this aggressive behavior began before the batterers were 30 years old. In 44.5% of the cases, the violent behavior was directed only at the partner. A more generalized type of violent behavior was found in 30% of the cases and 25.5% of those studied also abused other family members or friends. Among the men who limited their aggression exclusively to their partners, the abuse increased over time; and the men whose aggressive behavior began at an earlier age were found to display a more intense form of psychological abuse. No significant differences were found among these three patterns of aggression either in their sociodemographic characteristics or their alcohol consumption. However, those who were also aggressive towards others were found to be more violent toward their partners as well.