Consideraciones fitosociológicas sobre los pinares de Gran Canaria

  1. Pérez de Paz, Pedro Luis
  2. Acebes Ginovés, Juan Ramón
  3. Arco Aguilar, Marcelino J. del
  4. Salas Pascual, Marcos
Itinera geobotanica

ISSN: 0213-8530

Year of publication: 1993

Issue: 7

Pages: 513-517

Type: Article

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In this paper we summarize the nomenclatural background of the Gran Canaria pinewood. In the past, it was mainly studied by Esteve (1969) and Sunding (1972). According to Rivas-Martínez & al. (1993) we consider the Gran Canaria pinewood as an independent associaton: Pinetum canariensis Ceballos & Ortuño ex Sunding 1972. This association has two subassociations: typicum and ericetosum arboreae subass. nova