En-torno a la piedra volcánica2009

  1. María Isabel Sánchez Bonilla
Revista de Bellas Artes: Revista de Artes Plásticas, Estética, Diseño e Imágen

ISSN: 1695-761X

Year of publication: 2010

Issue: 8

Pages: 173-180

Type: Article

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  • Human Sciences: D


«Around volcanic rock. 2009». The Canary Islands are entirely of volcanic origin, a fact that defines them from the natural point of view, makes their cultural heritage unique, and determines to a great extent our research opportunities. This differential feature means that, despite geographical, ethnic and cultural distances, we feel close to Sicily, Hawaii, Martinique, or the countries of the Andes. Similarly, we also feel very close to all those, who from different angles focus their scientific activity on the volcanic environment. Throughout 2009 at the University of La Laguna we have carried out various multidisciplinary approaches to the subject, all of them highly enriching and that have served to integrate various aspects and advance in a knowledge that is doubtless also necessary in the social field. They are the first point of confluence on a path that up until now had almost always been divided into specialisations by field of knowledge that are accustomed to acting separately. The experience has encouraged us to consider new modes of confluence: encounters on specific topics, and even postgraduate studies with which, through an nterdisciplinary approach, to study in-depth and create bonds of knowledge, which we understand as necessary from our Community’s economic and —as we have pointed out— also social viewpoint