Reglas de formación de palabras compuestas en español para la automatización de su reconocimiento

  1. Octavio Santana Suárez
  2. Virginia Gutiérrez Rodríguez
  3. José Rafael Pérez Aguiar
  4. Isabel Sánchez Berriel
Procesamiento del lenguaje natural

ISSN: 1135-5948

Year of publication: 2013

Issue: 51

Pages: 75-82

Type: Article

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The following work presents the formation rules and application criteria that should be carried out in each situation in order to obtain the automated identification of one of the word�s formation processes in Spanish. In the composition are studied only those cases in which this phenomenon has been produced through the graphic link of the elements involved, aimed to automation. At this aim, different compounds are extracted from dictionaries with the only purpose of guarantee a basic knowledge of the cases that are provided by the materia. The linking mechanisms are also studied depending on the grammatical category of the compounds and the elements which form part of it