Barbara Wotjak, fraseóloga

  1. José Juan Batista Rodríguez

ISSN: 2172-1068

Año de publicación: 2019

Número: 28

Páginas: 93-104

Tipo: Artículo


This article presents and studies the phraseological and phraseographic work of the Germanist Barbara Wotjak, professor at the University of Leipzig (Germany). As a specialist in the teaching/learning of the German language, she was able to combine teaching and research work, as shown in her manuals and essays. She paid special attention to the phraseological units, in particular the locutions. She has made many linguistic contributions centred on phraseology and phraseography, such as a classification of German phraseological units, numerous practical exercises for the teaching/learning of locutions, the study of the phraseological variation derived from word games, the analysis of the different relations of semantic equivalence and formal congruence established in the comparison of locutions of several languages (her language combination was German, Russian and Spanish). Attention should also be paid to her work on the treatment of phraseologisms in the dictionaries used for the teaching and learning of German as a second language.