Purification and characterization of an invertase from Candida utilis: Comparison with natural and recombinant yeast invertases

  1. Chávez, F.P. 1
  2. Rodriguez, L. 1
  3. Díaz, J. 2
  4. Delgado, J.M. 1
  5. Cremata, J.A. 1
  1. 1 Centro de Ingeniería Genética y Biotecnología

    Centro de Ingeniería Genética y Biotecnología

    La Habana, Cuba

    GRID grid.418259.3

  2. 2 University of Havana

    University of Havana

    La Habana, Cuba

    GRID grid.412165.5

Journal of Biotechnology

ISSN: 0168-1656

Year of publication: 1997

Volume: 53

Issue: 1

Pages: 67-74

Type: Article

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DOI: 10.1016/S0168-1656(97)01663-5 PMID: 9165761 SCOPUS: 2-s2.0-0343118135 GOOGLE SCHOLAR
Data source: Scopus