El desgaste dental. ¿Un método fiable para la estimación de la edad?

  1. Aioze Trujillo Mederos
  2. Alejandra Calderón Ordóñez
Estrat Crític: Revista d'Arqueologia

ISSN: 1887-8687

Year of publication: 2011

Issue: 5

Pages: 495-498

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: D


The following poster tries to evaluate the accuracy of tooth wear, on its own, as a method for age of death estimation. We are trying to see if we can use them in different cultural contexts, or if we have to first take into account the particularities of the population under study. For this purpose we have chosen part of the bioanthropological remain from the inca site of Chinchero (Cuzco, Perú), because their osteological age doesn’t match the one obtained from the tooth wear analysis, probably due to the continuos coca leaf (erytroxylon coca) chewing among these populations.