Papel de la gammagrafía ósea en dos casos de exóstosis múltiple hereditaria

  1. Dolores Cabello García
  2. Marta Gallego Peinado
  3. M. Dolores Sánchez González
  4. Angel Custodio Rebollo Aguirre
  5. Antonio García Sánchez
  6. José Manuel Llamas Elvira
Revista española de medicina nuclear

ISSN: 0212-6982

Year of publication: 2008

Volume: 27

Issue: 5

Pages: 363-368

Type: Article


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We present the cases of two patients aged 18 and 40 years, with no previous personal history of interest. The only symptoms reported by the first patient in the previous year were episodes of pain and stiffness without inflammation in the right knee and third finger of the right hand. These episodes lasted two to three weeks. Our second patient presented numbness in the lower left limb over the previous year. The analytical study was normal. The patients were diagnosed with hereditary multiple exostoses, based on the clinical, radiological and scintigraphic findings. The bone scintigraphy enabled whole body images to be obtained in a single examination and may be used for the differential diagnosis of other osteoarticular conditions, as well as for the follow-up and assessment of the response to treatment.