Gamificación y aprendizaje activo con Kahoot!creación de exámenes por parte del alumnado

  1. Cecile Meier
  2. Alejandro Bonnet de León
3 c TIC: cuadernos de desarrollo aplicados a las TIC

ISSN: 2254-6529

Year of publication: 2021

Volume: 10

Issue: 2

Pages: 77-99

Type: Article

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New technologies and gamification are increasingly being used to facilitate learning and also to carry out evaluative tests at the end of a lesson plans. This text describes the use of Kahoot! to promote active learning, to reinforce the knowledge of the concepts seen in class and to create an evaluative test in the form of a game. It is also a way of conducting a test on equal terms for a semipresential class, where half of the students are in the classroom and the other half attend online. Based on a theoretical lesson plan from the photography class, 42 students, divided into groups of two to four, create their own test using Kahoot!. On the day of the test, the tests created by the students themselves are performed to the rest of the class via Kahoot! The results have been positive, all the students have managed to pass, thanks also to the large number of questions and the constant repetition of them. At the end of the activity, a satisfaction test was given to the students where they evaluated the use of Kahoot! and the possibility of being an active part in the creation of the exam in a very positive way