From the cello to the bass. Composición, diseño y validación de un nuevo método de enseñanza instrumental

  1. Hernández Dionis, Paula
Dirixida por:
  1. Juan Ramón Coello Martín Director
  2. Leandro A. Martin Director
  3. Olga María Alegre de la Rosa Director

Universidade de defensa: Universidad de La Laguna

Fecha de defensa: 02 de xuño de 2021

  1. Pompeyo Juan Pérez Díaz Presidente
  2. Vicenta Gisbert Caudeli Secretario/a
  3. Óliver Curbelo González Vogal
  1. Didáctica e Investigación Educativa

Tipo: Tese

Teseo: 661596 DIALNET lock_openRIULL editor


This Doctoral Thesis presents the research carried out at the Villa de la Orotava School of Music and Dance between 2012 and 2019, in which 13 cello students learned the double bass with a new teaching-learning method. It is as a result of this pilot study that the opportunity has arisen to launch the method derived from said research, called From the cello to the bass, whose composition, design and validation is exposed in this Thesis. The methodology used for this research is mixed, collecting information from various sources. The results obtained have made it possible to confirm the hypotheses presented, and it can be concluded that the proposed method is valid for use by the student who wishes to study both instruments.