Prácticas de actividades físicas y de entretenimiento de deportistas federados durante el período de confinamiento y su grado de optimismo

  1. Pablo José Borges Hernández
  2. Ángeles Judith Hernández Sánchez
  3. M Hernández Pérez
  4. Adelto Hernández Alvárez

ISSN: 1989-2837

Year of publication: 2021

Issue: 28

Pages: 26-36

Type: Article


The need to continue training by athletes in a lookdown period of Covid-19 and maintain an optimal state in accordance with the category they hold, has led to the emergence of alternatives to ordinary training sessions to mitigate the decrease in its quantity and quality. This study describes and analyzes the characteristics and time spent by federated athletes from the Canary Islands, to their alternative training, leisure actvities and sleep time during that period; as well as the relationship between hours of training and optimism perceived by them. The Minnesota Lesuire Time Physical Activity Questionnaire and the Life Orientation Test-Revised were used telematically to a representative sample of 425 athletes, 314 men (73.88%) and 111 women (26.12%), with an age (M = 37.25 and DT = 15.14 years). It is observed in the lookdown period, the optimistic and higher level athletes spent more time on physical activities and screens than pessimists and regional athletes. It is concluded that the time of physical activity or training allocated by higher level athletes was decreased, mainly due to the home spatial limitations. Likewise, the use of screens predominates in the occupation of their free time, due to the virtual trainings that were developed by these means. Therefore, it seems necessary to continue delving into the sports and personal repercussions that it meant the lookdown of athletes.