Las mujeres y la educación superior

  1. Carlos Javier Álvarez González
Mamakuna: Revista de divulgación de experiencias pedagógicas

ISSN: 2773-7551

Year of publication: 2019

Issue: 12

Pages: 30-41

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: D


The reflection on Women and Higher Education is part of research carried out for the Ecuadorian Gender Equality Council, which aimed to determine the state of the art on the situation of women in the three major public universities of the Ecuador. His methodology was based on in-depth interviews and focus group. Epistemology was based on gender approaches and lasted for eight months. The gaps in access, the distribution of power, are quite clear. The university remains a breeding place of patriarchy. The serious problem is that inequalities, discrimination and various acts of violence continue to be nesting behind liberal philosophy. ¿How do women live or survive in higher education institutions? ¿Why should racing choice be analyzed from a gender approach? ¿Why can’t patriarchalism separate from Marxist episteme? Here are some of the questions I’ll develop in the next investigation.