Department: Didáctica e Investigación Educativa

Area: Didactics and School Organisation

Research group: Grupo de investigación para la educación en la diversidad (GIED)

Research group: Grupo de investigación en diversidad, salud y educación


Research field: Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas

Doctor by the Universidad de La Laguna with the thesis Actitudes y concepto de la diversidad humana un estudio comparativo en centros educativos de la isla de Tenerife 2008. Supervised by Dr. Olga María Alegre de la Rosa.

General Education Teacher in 1991 (University of La Laguna), Degree in Phylosophy and Educational Sciences in University of La Laguna in 1996, Degree in Primary Education (2015) and Doctor in Phylosophy and Educational Sciences in 2008. Supplementary Training, Masters and Experts: 1) University Master: Educate in Diversity. 2) Expert in Assessing the Quality in University Education. 3) Master in Sleep, Physiology and Medicine. 4) Master in Neuroscience and behavioural Biology. 5) Master in Intervention in Special Education. 6) Master in new Educational Resources for teachers. 7) Master in Educational Competences in Intervention with Minors. 8) Master in Social Education. 9) Master in Intercultural Mediation.10) Master in Educational Competencies and Intervention with Minors. Professional Experience: Primary Education Teacher (1991-1996) in the Pre-school Education, Primary and Secondary Education Center Santo Domingo (Güímar), Secondary Education Teacher in the period 1996-2012 in the same school center. During the academic years 2002- 2012, I was part-time associate professor in the department of Didactics and Educational Research in University of La Laguna. Currently, I am assistant professor in such department (2012- ). In that period of time, I developed my teaching and research experience in the university setting, participating as researcher in different projects (research, development and innovation) and as director of the University Master Educate in Diversity. Furthermore, since 2006 I have been teacher in UNED (Spanish Distance University) teaching subjects related to the design and development of educational programs, psychological processes and basics of learning. On the other hand, in 2014 I was counselor in the International University of La Rioja (UNIR), developing counselling tasks in the design of intervention programs and projects. Teaching orientation and research in the last years have been focused on educational guidance and counselling, on the design and development of programs, attention to special educational needs and health education. I have been researching since 2006 in the field of the evaluation of academic and professional competences and both the teachers’ and students’ learning. In 2008 I focused my research on the evaluation of programs for intercultural education and diversity. Finally, in 2012 I focused my line of investigation on health education, academic guidance and educational counselling As researcher, I am at present member of the following groups; 1) Research Group: Educate in Diversity (GIED) led by Dr. Olga María Alegre de la Rosa and 2) ITACA directed by Dr. Fernando Barragán Medero. Presently, I am leading the Official University Master Degree of Educational Psychology Intervention in contexts of Formal and Non-formal Education. University of La Laguna