A propósito del agujero macular

  1. Alicia Cristina Pareja Ríos
  2. L. M. Cordovés Dorta
  3. Maximino Abraldes López-Veiga
  4. C. Mantolán Sarmiento
  5. Miguel Ángel Serrano García
Archivos de la Sociedad Canaria de Oftalmología

ISSN: 0211-2698

Ano de publicación: 2000

Número: 11

Páxinas: 129-134

Tipo: Artigo


The current state of knowledge about the macular hole is drescribed, including its pathogenesis, classification, diagnosis, possible treatments and potential complications. The au thors highlight the questions posed by LMI extraction for retinal function, insisting that the procedure is still open to debate. We insist on the optimisation of the surgical technique in order to reduce adverse effects. The use of membrane tints is suggested.