Maestras y maestrosun análisis de la distribución de tareas docentes y domésticas

  1. Juan Antonio Rodríguez Hernández
  2. Pablo Joel Santana Bonilla
Revista de educación
  1. Juan Manuel Moreno Olmedilla (coord.)
  2. Carlos Marcelo García (coord.)

ISSN: 0034-8082

Year of publication: 2006

Issue: 340

Pages: 873-922

Type: Article


The purpose of this article is to present some conclusions about housework and teaching tasks among Primary Education teachers in the context of a research project concerned with the job of Primary Education teachers in the Canary Islands Autonomous Region.We used nine housework tasks identified in previous research work and gathered data about its frequency and the responsibility of its accomplishment, according to «sex» as a variable within a sample of primary school teachers.We also looked into the teaching profession from a classification of 59 teaching tasks and gathered data about their frequency (daily, weekly/fortnightly, monthly), the way they were accomplished (alone or with others) and the place where they were performed (at school or away from school).The data were gathered during the academic year 2000-01. In this article we present data about four housework tasks and eight teaching tasks. Firstly,we analyse the relationship between gender and housework and, secondly,we study the relationship between gender and teaching tasks.The results show that there are no differences between male and female teachers in the accomplishment of teaching tasks but there are sharp differences regarding housework: female teachers spend more time on housework than male teachers do, but, furthermore, a great proportion of male teachers (more than a third) stated openly that housework tasks are their partners' responsibility while a very low proportion of female teachers attributed that responsibility to their partners (between 0% and 2.3%).