Regulación aguda de la musculatura lisa intestinal de ileón y colón de ratón por poliamidas

  1. María del Carmen González Montelongo
  2. C.M. Ramírez
  3. Jorge Nicolás Marrero Alonso
  4. Raquel Marín Cruzado
  5. Noemí Fabelo Pulido
Revista de la Academia Canaria de Ciencias: = Folia Canariensis Academiae Scientiarum
  1. Jorge Juan Betancor Pérez (coord.)

ISSN: 1130-4723

Year of publication: 2007

Volume: 19

Issue: 3-4

Pages: 9-28

Type: Article

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Polyamines are aliphatic polications that are essential for the normal growth and development of cells, being also involved in many cellular mechanisms responsible for dif- ferent pathological states. Our results show that both, natural and synthetic polyamines provoke a dramatic inhibitor} effect on mouse ileal and colonic contractile activity. The relax-ing effect of these compounds occurs rapidly upon exposure to the intestinal muscle, and takes place in a reversible and dose-dependent manner. Overall, our evidences point to an extracellular effect triggered by interactions with targets at the plasma membrane of smooth muscle cells. B) means of pharmacological tools, we have concluded that the relaxing effect of polyamines are due to both, a blocking effect on L-type Ca-^ channels, and also a positive modulation of K" conductances at the plasma membrane of intestinal muscle cells. Finally, our analyses have shown a structure-activity relationship between the number of positive charges in the polyamine molecule and its inhibitory potency.