Injerto de escleranuestra experiencia

  1. José Luis Delgado Miranda
  2. E. Ayala Barroso
  3. B. Montesinos Ventura
  4. Ricardo Gutiérrez García
  5. J. Pérez Espejo
Archivos de la Sociedad Canaria de Oftalmología

ISSN: 0211-2698

Year of publication: 2000

Issue: 11

Pages: 19-22

Type: Article

Export: RIS


Objective: To exposure our experience in using of scleral graft (scleroplasty) in several ocular procedures, some of them with difficult resolution. Material and methods: We use sclera of donors eyes, (of patients perform oxfan clonations riterions) after corneal bottom is extracted, keeping it into glycerin 4º C. We present five surgical technics, some of them are novels, useful in ophthalmologic plastic:Scleral Patch, corneal scleroplasty, ciliary scleroerersion, inverse sclear skullcap after expulsion, scleroformation inferior fornix. Results/Conclusions: Grafted scleral tissue integrate together with ocular structures, with good functonal result and without aesthetics repercussions. Scleroplasty is a procedure takes into consideration in surgical practice daily of oculist.