Estudio sobre los procesos cooperativos del aula en escuelas democráticas y colaborativasUn planteamiento para su aplicación en la enseñanza de la Geografía

  1. Juvenal Padrón Fragoso
Didáctica geográfica

ISSN: 0210-492X

Year of publication: 2005

Issue: 7

Pages: 425-446

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: C


School is submitted to new problems . That one lives through a serious crisis of identity that involves negative consequences in its aims and internal processes. Certain expectations over the role of school have been failing in the course of time. The principal assignments of school in relation - the formation of the citizen for their social and labour integration in a scholar context of socialization and acquisition of autonomy - have been weakening to the society. This situation is reflected in its internal processes that respond in the main to non current expositions that do not bear in mind the new realities - the globalization and the multiculturality - and its requirements. School is not far away fiom al1 this, on the contrary, its role across the curriculum in the reconstruction of a new cultural identity based on the principies of the cooperation and the incorporation is a challenge on which it is necessary to outline the bases of the new school. In this study we try to give to know the perception that the pro- fessorship has with regard to the cooperative dynamics in the centers as response to those new rea- lities and problems.