A new natural spiro heterocyclic compound and the cytotoxic activity of the secondary metabolites from Juniperus brevifolia leaves

  1. Moujir, L.M. 1
  2. Seca, A.M.L. 2
  3. Araujo, L. 1
  4. Silva, A.M.S. 3
  5. Barreto, M.C. 2
  1. 1 Universidad de La Laguna

    Universidad de La Laguna

    San Cristobal de La Laguna, España

    GRID grid.10041.34

  2. 2 Department of Technologic Sciences and Development, University of Azores
  3. 3 University of Aveiro

    University of Aveiro

    Aveiro, Portugal

    GRID grid.7311.4


ISSN: 0367-326X

Year of publication: 2011

Volume: 82

Issue: 2

Pages: 225-229

Type: Article

Export: RIS
DOI: 10.1016/j.fitote.2010.10.001 SCOPUS: 2-s2.0-79952362713 GOOGLE SCHOLAR
Data source: Scopus