A functional approach to Bulgarian verbal aspect and reduplication of clitics within the framework of role and reference grammar

  1. Anelia Stefanova Ignatova
Supervised by:
  1. Ricardo Mairal Usón Director

Defence university: UNED. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (España)

Year of defence: 2008

  1. Francisco José Cortés Rodríguez Chair
  2. Eva Samaniego Fernández Secretary
  3. Guadalupe Aguado de Cea Committee member
  4. José Antonio Calañas Continente Committee member
  5. Rocío Jiménez Briones Committee member

Type: Thesis


This dissertation examines verbal aspect and reduplication of clitics, two of the most complicated phenomena present in contemporary Bulgarian. The investigation follows the basic theoretical conceptions and theory-internal rules of Role and Reference Grammar (henceforth RRG)