Percepción social y participación comunitaria como estrategias de gestión del paisaje cultural del Caserío de Masca (Buenavista del Norte, Tenerife)

  1. Ángela García Herrera
  2. Elena Pérez González
  3. Alicia Castillo Mena
  4. David Stendardi
  5. Juan Israel García
  6. Esther Ferrer Román
  7. María Esther Chávez Álvarez
  8. Ana Esther Cruz González
Cuadiernu: Difusión, investigación y conservación del patrimonio cultural

ISSN: 2340-6895

Year of publication: 2019

Issue: 7

Pages: 117-143

Type: Article


Social perception and participatory processes around cultural heritage and tourism have been used in recent years as a strategy to implement integrated management actions. Located in the interior of the Macizo de Teno, the town of Masca is characterized by the depth of its ravines in which several hamlets were located, which are representative of the traditional architecture of this area of the island. The combination and attractiveness of both types of goods, natural and cultural, have made this area of the island the second most visited by tourists, after El Teide National Park. The administrative closure of the ravine has generated many reactions among neighbours and businessmen, who have participated in various forums to debate in order to exercise their right to express an opinion and decide on the use and management of their resources. In our study we have applied both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, focusing on the social perception and the construction of the cultural landscape to understand the vision that the community of Masca has of its territory. Thus, we will present some preliminary arguments, an advance in its analysis and reflection, as well as some of the evidences and perceptions registered, often opposed, by those affected by the closing of the ravine, contributing a necessary reflection to understand the meaning and values of the social, cultural and economic reality of this locality as a basis for a future elaboration of proposals for the management of this environment.