El desafío insurgenteanálisis del corso hispanoamericano desde una perspectiva peninsular, 1812-1828

  1. Gámez Duarte, Feliciano
Dirigée par:
  1. José Marchena Domínguez Directeur/trice

Université de défendre: Universidad de Cádiz

Fecha de defensa: 14 mai 2004

  1. Rafael Sánchez Mantero President
  2. Gonzalo Butrón Prida Secrétaire
  3. Alberto Ramos Santana Rapporteur
  4. Manuel de Paz Sánchez Rapporteur
  5. Francisco Piniella Corbacho Rapporteur

Type: Thèses


In this thesis we studies the role played by the Hispanix-American insurgent privateers in the wars of independence os Spanish America. Their actions took to them beyond american territorial waters and presnts in the peninsular coasts became, with special incidence in the Gulf of Cadiz. This study also analyzes the reach of the privateering activities in the two differentiated planes affluent. From one it leaves the plane political, since most of these privateers although under protection of acted the flags of the rising republics, were in this majority of north american origin, his actions could thus serve like incentive in the negotiations between Spain and the United States for the cession as Florida, becoming currency of change for the greater or smaller success of the treaty Onis-Adams. Of another part, in a purely warlike plane, the actions of these privateers to a great extent contributed to make difficult to the land actions of the spanish armies in America, acting like units of outpost and intelligence. However, the main contribution of these privateers to the final success of the independentistas ones came given by the almost total paralyzation from the transoceanic commercial traffic coming from Spain and incipiente the blockade exerted on the Spanish ports, mainly Cadiz and those of the Canary Islands