Flora alòctona de les Illes Balears. Ecología de dos especies invasorasCarpobrotus edules y Carpobrotus aff. acinaciformis

  1. Eva Moragues Botey
Supervised by:
  1. Joan Rita Larrucea Director
  2. Anna Traveset Vilagines Director

Defence university: Universitat de les Illes Balears

Year of defence: 2006

  1. Pedro Luis Pérez de Paz Chair
  2. Maurici Mus Amézquita Secretary
  3. Xavier Font Castell Committee member
  4. Montserrat Vilà Planella Committee member
  5. Pilar Castro Díez Committee member

Type: Thesis


The constant arrival of exotic plants into areas outside their original distribution range and further settlement in natural ecosystems is not an exception in the Spanish Balearic archipelago. At the moment we have 308 non native species (naturalized and casual), the 16% from the total Balearic flora. This thesis has evaluated the exotic plant problematic at global and local level. We have elaborated the first exotic plants list, its distribution and abundance, as well as its degree of impact on the more vulnerable environments. We went deeply into the knowledge of two very invasive plants along the coast of the Balearic islands: Carpobrotus edulis y C. affine acinaciformis. We have evaluated its influence over pollen transmission, its growth rate at different environmental conditions, we have too elaborated a non liner growth model and its impact on composition and structure in natural communities.