"Stranger Things" y las "zonas del revés"un idilio menor con la novelística de Stephen King

  1. David Fuentefría Rodríguez
Del verbo al bit
  1. Francisco Javier Herrero Gutiérrez (coord.)
  2. Concha Mateos Martín (coord.)

Publisher: Sociedad Latina de Comunicación Social

ISBN: 978-84-16458-76-9

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 1710-1728

Congress: Del verbo al bit (8. 2016. null)

Type: Conference paper

Export: RIS


In the wake of the current "revival" around the 80s that touches some modern cultural manifestations, especially in the audiovisual field, has highlighted, in 2016, the Netflix production "Stranger things". Immediately, the network has recorded, through its amateur chroniclers, the two most obvious parallel conn ections that the series presents on its surface: the main American youth films of the decade and the literary work of Stephen King. From this second focus of interest, this article focuses, beyond the idle location of scenes or concrete characters, in the exhaustive study of a segment of less punctual correlations , and that proposes an arduous comparison: the parallel worlds -generally dark ones- interconnected with ours, or "upside down" zones, as they are described in the series, and their precedents in the complete works of the Maine writer.