Teoría de la Educación y perspectiva de las capacidades en educación superior. Especificaciones y contrastes pedagógicos, éticos, sociopolíticos y económicos

  1. Juan Manuel Díaz Torres
De la innovación imaginada a los procesos de cambio
  1. Ana Vega Navarro (coord.)
  2. David Stendardi (coord.)

Publisher: Servicio de Publicaciones ; Universidad de La Laguna

ISBN: 978-84-15939-62-7

Year of publication: 2018

Pages: 121-142

Type: Book chapter


This paper aims, first, to analyze the potential of capability approach; and secondly, to examine the effects in pedagogy studies. The intuition from which the capability approach begins is that human capabilities exert a moral exigency: they should be developed. The capability approach provides a general normative framework for the assessment of human development that should be respected and implemented by the governments of all nations, as a bare minimum of what respect for human dignity requires. It is also necessary to consider what it has to offer to evaluations of the specific areas of education, ethics, social policy and political economy.