Periodismo cinematográfico en el aula de cine de la ULL

  1. David Fuentefría Rodríguez
De la innovación imaginada a los procesos de cambio
  1. Ana Vega Navarro (coord.)
  2. David Stendardi (coord.)

Publisher: Servicio de Publicaciones

ISBN: 978-84-15939-62-7

Year of publication: 2018

Pages: 103-110

Type: Book chapter

Export: RIS


The new “Cinema Room” of the University of La Laguna, revitalized since its inauguration in April 2016, has been proposed to give voice to the students of Communication Sciences to, in addition to their usual activities and programming, promote the critical study of one of the plots of leisure preferred by the students, as well as their personal and competence expansion. Since the implementation of communicative skills is a fundamental milestone in the path of any journalism student, it is the goal of this paper to give an account of the space occupied by the students when it comes to visibilizing the activities of the Room, in the sense described and through a chronological plan of activities, on the website of this Cultural Hall, a further way of study and professionalization to students obliged, in the current times, to reinvent to a large extent the parameters of the sector. Covering journalism written for the network, not only in the critical genre, but also in the interview or in the writing of news, this initiative moves away from the usual practical classes to steer early vocations firmly, avoiding, among other problems, scenic fear or educational voids when it comes to the dialogue, study and communication of Cinema of all times in the media. The results, which are renewed and strengthened weekly, continue to be seen by the public on the Cinema Room website.