Finding Relief for FG Lexical RepresentationA Syntactic-Semantic Description of Old English Verbs of 'Healing'

  1. Pérez Quintero, María Jesús
  2. Cortés Rodríguez, Francisco José
Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses

ISSN: 0211-5913

Year of publication: 2001

Issue Title: Challenges and developments in functional grammar

Issue: 42

Pages: 79-102

Type: Article

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This paper evaluates a new conception of lexical semantic representation as proposed recently within the Functional Lexematic Model. Such evaluation involves a comparison of Functional Grammar’s lexical representation with other proposals. In order to avoid some of the weaknesses inherent to both Functional Grammar and other more syntacticallycentered descriptions, the concept of lexical template is introduced. In the last section, an analysis of the syntactic-semantic behavior of the subdomain of Old English verbs of ‘healing’ is carried out in order to demonstrate its applicability.