El Barranco de San Blas (San Miguel de Abona, Tenerife)Breve secuencia de un modelo por definir

  1. Antonio Tejera Gaspar
  2. Amaya Goñi Quinteiro
  3. Elena Pérez González
  4. Francisco Pérez Caamaño
  5. Javier Soler Segura
  6. María Esther Chávez Álvarez
Tabona: Revista de Prehistoria y de Arqueología

ISSN: 0213-2818

Year of publication: 2005

Issue: 14

Pages: 263-284

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: D


Since archaeological works on «Barranco de San Blas (San Miguel de Abona, Tenerife)» we have revised the Pre-Hispanic people settlement models for the south of Tenerife Island. It is shown the actual impossibility from these models in some of its basis, so it is needed to revise it from the new data and evidences. At the same time it is shown a brief sequence for the Barranco de San Blas that tries to contribute to its definition.