Estudio de la infección VIH en el Hospital Universitario de Canarias entre 1985 y 1989

  1. María de Mar Alonso Socas
  2. Juan Luis Gómez Sirvent
  3. Francisco Santolaria Fernández
  4. María Remedios Alemán Valls
  5. Carlos Emilio González Reimers
Estudios Canarios: Anuario del Instituto de Estudios Canarios

ISSN: 0423-4804

Year of publication: 2001

Issue: 46

Pages: 107-124

Type: Article

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Natural history of HIV infection has been changed a long the history of this epidemic. The aim of this study is to analyse epidemiology variants of HIV infection in our area. We revised clinical histories of HIV infection patients looked after in Canary University Hospital from 1985 to 1999. Results: the majority of these patients are parenteral drug users although last years HIV infection are mainly in those who practice sexual risk activities. HIV cases, admissions and exitus incidence reduced since 1997 coinciding with using more effective antiretroviral therapy. Conclusions: in our area HIV infection has the same epidemiology variants as the rest of Spain or Europe.