Una terminología lingüística sesgada en espiralla del plano fónico en español

  1. Juana Herrera Santana
  2. Pedro Ravelo Robayna
Revista de Filología de la Universidad de La Laguna

ISSN: 0212-4130

Year of publication: 2005

Issue: 23

Pages: 265-284

Type: Article


The main aim of this paper is to undertake a study based upon an analysis of phonetic terms which describe how the consonantal sounds are articulated, how they are perceived, or how they are represented spectographically, such as fricativa, espirante, aproximante, constrictiva, rehilada, continua, africada, semioclusiva, interrupta gradual, oclusiva parcial, nasal, lateral, vibrante (simple y multiple), rodada, intermitente, percusiva, and flap; the analysis will also take into account how certain lexical relationships in this terminological field are presented. Finally, the study will reflect upon the special conceptual characteristics of this technical lexicon in Spanish Linguistics.