Osteoporosis vertebral en la población prehispánica de El Hierro

  1. Matilde Mercedes Arnay de la Rosa
  2. M. A. Mas Pascual
  3. Carlos Emilio González Reimers
  4. M. Machado Calvo
  5. Javier Velasco Vázquez
Estudios Canarios: Anuario del Instituto de Estudios Canarios

ISSN: 0423-4804

Year of publication: 2002

Issue: 47

Pages: 127-138

Type: Article


We perform an X-ray lateral projection on mammographic films to 90 thoracic vertebrae (D-12) belonging to the prehispanic inhabitants from El Hierro. On these films we determined the optical density, the presence of biconcave fractures and wedge-shaped vertebrae, and also classified the vertebrae according to the progressive alteration of the trabecular pattem. The overall prevalence of osteoporotic fractures in the population anal y sed was 6.41%, and 1.11% of the vertebrae showed a trabecular pattem of severe osteoporosis. These results support the usefulness of conventional X-ray examination of the vertebral bones in the assessment of osteoporotic fractures and also confirms the low prevalence of osteoporosis among the prehispanic population of El Hierro, in contrast with the results obtained on the population of other islands