La salud y la seguridad organizacional desde una perspectiva integradora

  1. María Dolores Díaz Cabrera
  2. María Rosa Isla Díaz
  3. Gladys Rolo González
  4. Oskelys Villegas Velásquez
  5. Yeray Ramos Sapena
Papeles del psicólogo

ISSN: 0214-7823

Année de publication: 2008

Volumen: 29

Número: 1

Pages: 83-91

Type: Article


This paper presents a revision of research in the area of organisational health and safety developed by the team IPSSO (Psychosocial Research on Organisational Health and Safety) from the University of La Laguna through European Research Programs. This article proposes a holistic and integrated approach to health and safety in organisations that pointed out the need of linking the concepts, philosophies and strategies of organisational and safety culture. From this perspective, and a conception of safety culture as an integrated concept, some psychological factors are considered, specifically safety climate, as well as behavioural and job related factors, such as mental workload and performance. Finally, there are presented some conclusions and basic proposals for guiding analysis, evaluations and intervention on the improvement of work risk prevention.