Los turistas nos visitan, los inmigrantes nos invaden. Un estudio de la percepción de amenaza desde el concepto de grupalidad percibida

  1. Armando Rodríguez Pérez
  2. Verónica Betancor Rodríguez
  3. Naira Delgado Rodríguez
  4. Ramón Rodríguez Torres
  5. Alberto Pacios
International Journal of Social Psychology, Revista de Psicología Social

ISSN: 0213-4748

Year of publication: 2008

Volume: 23

Issue: 1

Pages: 41-52

Type: Article

DOI: 10.1174/021347408783399516 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR


The concept of entitativity or perceived groupality, the degree to which we perceive a set of people as a compact group, is essential for explaining many differential aspects of group perception. However, the relation between entitativity and perceived threat has not yet received much attention. The present study was designed to examine whether groups categorized as entities are perceived as more threatening than groups categorized as mere aggregates of people. Participants answered a questionnaire measuring both entitativity and threat perception for six social categories and three aggregates. As predicted, results show that not all groups are perceived at the same level of entitativity, and high-entitativity groups are perceived as more threatening than low-entitativity groups. These results prove the value of the concept of entitativity for understanding the differential threat perception of social groups