Retórica y poética en la gramática del siglo XV

  1. María del Socorro Pérez Romero
Revista de Poética Medieval

ISSN: 1137-8905

Year of publication: 2006

Issue Title: Elementos de retórica y poética en la gramática y el comentario filológico: de Isidoro al tiempo de Nebrija

Issue: 17

Pages: 249-264

Type: Article

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  • Human Sciences: A


The teaching of Grammar in the 15th century pays attention to the quest for adequate methods to give access to a language that is already unspoken, the Latin language , with practical, direct , short and effective ways. As a result of such concern, there appears the grammatical compendium, written by grammar experts with a clear pedagogical intention and prepared through the linking of topics, not only grammatical but also those taken from Rhetorical theory. Following, then, the diverse chapters of this kind of work, dedicated to morphology, syntax, ortography, metrics, lexicography, the vices and figures of language, and to the composition in prose and in verse, at times also including the study of punctuations and abbreviations, the student will not only learn Latin, but will also be able to express himself in that language, specially in the written form. Will be capable of interpreting, commenting and imitating the classic authors, as well, the updating of which stands at the core of all humanists.