Dominios simbólicosuna mirada desde la antropología

  1. Carmen Marina Barreto Vargas
Laguna: Revista de Filosofía

ISSN: 1132-8177

Année de publication: 2002

Número: 10

Pages: 191-202

Type: Article

Exporter: RIS


The dimensions that are not patent in the behavior and in the human beliefs, the underlying logic of the structures and rules of the social relationships, have a great interest for the anthropology interested in the symbolism and the lenguage. In this article, it is sought to show that this interest that the anthropologists show for the symbolic cannot only be framed in a theoretical tendency. The symbol is a problematic concept and has a very diverse content. The theoretical, methodological and epistemological heterogeneity that caracterizes the authors and tendencies about the symbolism in anthropology is grounded not only in the problem of the scientific status of the social and human sciences, and of philosophical perspectives that underline the different theoretical orientations, but also in the different definitions that are granted to the symbol and its meaning.