Efecto de la conservación de las muestras sobre el comportamiento serológico de diferentes estirpes de Bradyrhizobium (Chamaecytisus)

  1. Mónica Santamaría Ramiro
  2. Francisco Javier Corzo Varillas
  3. Milagros León Barrios
  4. Angel M. Gutiérrez Navarro
Revista de la Academia Canaria de Ciencias: = Folia Canariensis Academiae Scientiarum

ISSN: 1130-4723

Year of publication: 1994

Volume: 6

Issue: 2-4

Pages: 55-64

Type: Article

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This work deals with the variable response against ELISA test by some isolates from Bradyrhizobium (Chamaecytisus) infective on leguminous endemic to Canary Islands. This variability was explained as a consequence of the previous history and manipulation of the samples, mainly temperature for its preservation and freezing-thawing cycles. It is concluded that the serological relationships between species or strains must be studied using freshly prepared samples.