Sobre la posible influencia del simbolismo masónico en las orientaciones de las morras o "pirámides" de Chacona, en Güimar

  1. Aparicio Juan, Antonio
  2. Esteban López, César
Tabona: Revista de Prehistoria y de Arqueología

ISSN: 0213-2818

Year of publication: 2008

Issue Title: Homenaje a la Profesora Pilar Acosta Martínez

Issue: 17

Pages: 175-187

Type: Article

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«On the possible influence of masonic simbolism on the orientations of the ‘morras’ of Chacona, in Güímar». The «morras» —cairns made during the preparation of fields for agriculture— of Chacona, in Güímar, are agricultural contructions, very likely made between 1854 and 1881 and, according to our researches, showing significant solstitial orientations. In a book recently published by us, we propose the hypothesis that masonic symbolism would have been determinant to introduce such orientations. To reach this conclusion we based on: (i) solstices are very important simbolic elements in Freemasonry; (ii) the Chacona property owner in the epoch in which the «morras» were made was himself a freemason. In a recent paper, our hypothesis is opposed with arguing that: a) the «morras» orientations are not astronomical; b) interest of Spanish Freemasonry on Egypt was developed from 1870 on, and c) Egyptian pyramids were oriented towards cardinal points rather than to solstitial points. In this paper we oppose these arguments and strengthen our proposal of the masonic symbolism influence on the «morras» orientations.