Laurencia deondroidea (Ceremiales, Rhodomelaceae) en CanariasI. Estudio preliminar químico

  1. María Machín-Sánchez
  2. María Luisa Souto Suárez
  3. Eva Aylagas Martínez
  4. María Candelaria Gil Rodríguez
Revista de la Academia Canaria de Ciencias: = Folia Canariensis Academiae Scientiarum

ISSN: 1130-4723

Year of publication: 2010

Volume: 22

Issue: 3

Pages: 11-36

Type: Article

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The red seaweeds of Laurencia genus are characterized by the production of natural products leading new secondary halogenated metabolites, either terpenic or non terpenic. These substances are related with natural algae defences, which result in a high biotechnological interest. In this paper, we made the preliminary chemical study of Laurencia dendroidea. Two known cyclic halogenated sesquiterpens were isolated, which showed antiproliferative activity against those cellular lines proved