Escultura en piedra: forma, superficie, comunicación

  1. María Isabel Sánchez Bonilla

ISSN: 1870-1191

Ano de publicación: 2006

Ano: 2

Volume: 4

Páxinas: 134-172

Tipo: Artigo


In this paper the sculptural composition in natural stone is analyzed, centering the interest on the superficial values and their influence on the processes of comunication. The data interrelate with achievements obtained in funded research projects carried out sucessively by interdisciplinary groups cordinated by the author. After an initial discussion of the validity and historical incidence of sculpture in stone, significant variables are studied, such as the selection of material as a determining factor of form, the evolution of the processes of composition, techniques and procedures, etc., focusing on the values of perception: on the one hand, those related to continuity of volume, and secondly, those related to texture, an element whose importance in the last decades is increasing, both regarding the selection of materials and their use. Pictures of works carried out in marble, basalt and ignimbrite are included, as a personal contribution to the study of the sculptural surface and their incidence on the processes of communication.