Contexto laboral hostil ante el embarazoefectos sobre la salud de las trabajadoras embarazadas

  1. Naira Delgado Rodríguez
  2. Marino Casado Barrios
  3. Alberto Recuero Fernández
  4. David Aguado García
Archivos de prevención de riesgos laborales

ISSN: 1138-9672

Year of publication: 2011

Volume: 14

Issue: 3

Pages: 132-137

Type: Article


Objective: To analyze the effects of hostile work environments towards pregnancy on occupational stress and healthrelated behaviors of pregnant workers. Methods: Women from gynecological and maternal education offices who were employed during pregnancy and/or left their job because of being pregnant were identified for the study and completed a self-administered questionnaire that collected information on their perception of attitudes towards pregnancy at their workplaces, self-imposed demands at work, job promotion opportunities, importance of a job for the women, several occupational stress dimensions, health-related behaviors during pregnancy and personal and job characteristics. Multiple lineal regression models were built for analyses. Results: The sample includes 188 women. Organizational attitudes and values towards pregnancy, importance of a job for the women, job security and job promotion opportunities were associated with all stress dimensions (R2 from 0.10 to 0.49). Associations with delay in reporting pregnancy at work (R2=0.19) and intention to forego days of maternity leave (R2=0.11) were also observed. Conclusions: The perception of hostile work environments towards pregnancy increases stress levels and are associated with unhealthy behaviors in pregnant workers.